About Hunter's Creek Kennel

Dixie with a larger dog

At Hunter’s Creek Kennel, we make every effort to breed the healthiest AKC registered Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies) possible. Yorkies are one of the most popular small dog breeds in the world.  They are one of the most inquisitive, friendly (never met a stranger), intelligent, and loyal breeds found in the pet market today. To ensure the health of our puppies, our sires and dams are blood tested for hereditary or genetic complications. Additionally, we practice selective breeding to ensure our Yorkie puppies are of the highest quality of their kind!

Our Yorkie puppies begin their adventure in our separate nursery.  This is where Mom and her babies have a peaceful, climate controlled environment to bond in the first few weeks.  During this crucial developmental stage in the Yorkie puppy’s life, human contact is given in a massage therapy way so as to stimulate their senses to humans.  We use our fingers while Mom licks her babies continuously. 

As your new puppy grows each week, learning adventures take place daily here at Hunter’s Creek Kennel.  Your puppy is introduced to other Yorkies, larger breeds of dogs, cats, and maybe in the distance the occasional squirrel.  These adventures can take place several times a day, as we believe in a positive environment for your puppy to learn and accept other species of animals.  Most importantly, we encourage human contact as much as is practicable – such as that trip to the pet store or to a friend’s house.  

In these early weeks, we also begin the foundation of potty training for your puppy.  Each morning and throughout the day and evening hours, the puppies are on a strict schedule to experience the outdoors.  We use potty patches for indoors and during the night. We have found this method of training to be most successful and most appreciated by our clients.

At Hunter’s Creek Kennel, we have decades of experience in breeding, caring for, sharing and loving all types of animals.  Our adventure in Yorkies began in 2012 with Dixie, a small Yorkie girl with health problems.  Her owners must have known that we would do anything for animals and left Dixie in our driveway.  We loved and cared for Dixie until she passed on.  Our time with her, though short, taught us so much about her loving and loyal nature.  And yes, It broke our hearts when she passed but not our passion for animals!  So after breeding AKC Cocker Spaniels for the last decade, we decided to branch out and breed the highest standard AKC Yorkshire Terrier possible.

So if you are looking for the best in breed Yorkshire Terrier, call or visit Hunter’s Creek Kennel and catch the passion we have for your Yorkie puppy.