TODAY, AUGUST 5, 2020. So things did not go as planned and Phoenix did not get pregnant this go around. HOWEVER, DARLINGTON gave birth to two girls and three boys, and DAYTONA, gave birth to one girl and three boys. These litters have filled the current waiting list. We are currently taking names for the new waiting list for PHOENIX and CARlee. Gosh I so hope we have all girls as this is the most popular gender for our YORKIES. We also want everyone to know I have set-up a special  INN-HOME kennel environment for small dogs only. That will be exclusively for 25 pounds and under. I have always felt that small dogs do not do well in kennels with other larger dogs.  The intimidation larger dogs can pose on the smaller dogs is evident at play time, even when they play, larger dogs swing their weight to show dominance as a possible pack leader or try and be dominant with the smaller dog. Sorry larger dogs not fair to the smaller breeds. NOT to say larger dogs are not AWESOME, but rather, smaller dogs like to pack-up with their own size, except YORKIES, who love all dogs any size just as long as they play with them. Larger dogs use a different communication call than smaller dogs.  I have created a INN-HOME environment  on our property for smaller breeds, and of course they have over an acre of fenced in area outside to play or go swimming or just lounge around outdoors watching the squirrels and birds go by. Inside the house we have living quarters, and play areas, and that INN-HOME environment. This is a way when your dog returns back to your home they feel like they never left, except we might spoil them a bit more(with permission of course). So please contact us if you are interested in our new kennel venture and helps us make it grow into a loving environment for the little breeds. Thank You for helping us get this new idea and venture off the ground and running. We so appreciate your business and look forward to treating your small breed to excellent care. Please call us for the pricing of our services. I will be creating a new website sometime in early October so it's best to call us (336)330-0336 or go to CONTACT US is another way to reach us from this website. 

                            HUNTER’S CREEK KENNEL PUPPY PROCESS

What to expect from Hunter’s Creek Kennel? I hope this sheet will answer most Yorkie lovers’ questions about our services.

First things first, as everyone wants to know a price, and so do I when I shop, our Yorkies go for $1200.00, both gender(s).  Our Yorkies puppies are tails docked, dew claws removed, and physically checked by my Veterinarian Dr. Mark Cagle DVM, Willow Oak Veterinary Hospital in Durham, NC.

Our puppies go through at least 6 weeks of de-worming, except on shot weeks.  Our puppies are given their first vaccinations at seven (7) weeks, and then again at ten (10) weeks. Our puppies are given a strict diet of mommy’s milk until they are ready for solid food. At that time, they are given Royal Canin puppy food wet/dry once mommy turns off the milk wagon. All our puppies are AKC litter registered, and our clients are given all necessary paperwork for continued registering.  Our puppies are microchipped through AKC Reunites. We give a one (1) year health guarantee contract.

Our puppies go home with a gift bag with all things they will need for your home i.e. treats, bully sticks (chew sticks), toys, Royal Canin puppy food wet/dry, potty pads, blanket, and a few additional needs. We have found the best bed you can buy is a cozy cave (can be purchased at amazon.com) Yorkies love to sleep and nap in them all day long.

Our web page is available at hunterscreekkennel.com , AKC.org, and on Facebook. We do have a waiting list with a deposit required upon placing your name on our list.  Your deposit is totally refundable if your circumstances change prior to taking your Yorkie home. at (336) 330-0336.  I hope this answers your questions, but please feel free to contact us at (336) 330-0336 anytime to talk Yorkie and to set you up with one of our Yorkies at Hunter’s Creek Kennel.